Tyler and his nurse

Tyler's Journey


At 6 months, Tyler was tested for autism, downs syndrome, asperbergers, and many more. All tests came back negative. At that time, the DOCTORS TOLD TOMMY AND LORI THAT TYLER WOULD NOT LIVE PAST 2-YEARS-OLD. TYLER DEFEATED THE ODDS AND TURNED 23 MARCH 1ST. 

Tyler has severe hearing loss in both ears and partial loss of sight in his right eye. He is severely develop-mentally disabled and has respiratory problems. 

In October of 2010, Tyler was in and out of the ICU at Mary Bridge hospital for conjested heart and lung failure and at the hospital for three months. He was on respirators for much of this time. They were not sure if Tyler would come home.

In early 2015, Tyler had to undergo dental surgery, costing the family thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, that bill is just one of many that total over $300,000.

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